The Nature of Florida

Being from the West Coast of the United States, I am used to the views of deserts, oceans, and mountains. The weather in the West Coast is also known to be warm and dry. Florida only has one of those three landscapes features and the weather is totally different, haha. Read on the see what to expect in regards to the nature of Florida.


The first thing that’s prominent about Florida is the weather. It is humid and VERY consistent. What I mean by consistent is that the weather is the same whether it’s daytime or nighttime, and it’s usually warm. When it’s pouring rain, it’s warm. When it’s in the middle of the night, it’s warm. It throws my whole knowledge of weather out of the window! Haha.


Because of the abundant amount of rain that Florida receives on a regular basis, green plants just thrive and grow everywhere, so much so that it seems a lot of plants are overgrown. When we passed by residential neighborhoods, the yards didn’t seem very manicured.

Yet, as much as the trees and shrubberies grew, there were hardly any flowers to be seen! I am not sure why this was the case, so if you happen to know why, please tell me.


Another thing that’s prominent is that Florida is wetland state. There are so many pockets of water because of the constant rain that they had to have man-made trenches to keep the water from overflooding certain areas.

There are also tons of areas that are marshes / swamps that look so inviting. But I was warned by the locals that no one swims in them because that’s where the alligators normally live. Yikes.

These photos were taken near Kennedy Space Center, which isn’t nearly as populated as Orlando, Florida.

However, even in Orlando, pockets of water also exist everywhere. From what I saw, nearly all freeway and tollway exits had roundabouts that went around little ponds!


Looking back, I’m not sure how I managed to have visited only one beach during my 2 week stay. Some people go to Florida just to stay on the beach and nowhere else!

As a pit stop, we went to the Cape Canaveral beach. It was a relaxing beach in between a lighthouse and the dock where a lot of cruises ship out of. The water was not cold, which was nice. But the sand! The sand had a ton of small shells on the ground that made walking barefeet a challenge. Because this trip to the beach was made on a whim, we didn’t come prepared with sandals or beachwear.

Tip: Bring flip-flop to the beach!

Have you been to Florida? What are your thoughts on the nature of the state?

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