Bad Day Gone Good, Pt. II: Griffith Observatory

As soon as I picked up my friend on the curb, I just wanted to get out of Downtown L.A. as the parking ticket left a bad taste in my mouth. So we headed out to Griffith Observatory and ate our pizza on its front lawn. Overlooking the Hollywood sign and the rest of Los Angeles, we dined and let our earlier frustration flutter away into the wind.

Can you see the Hollywood Sign over my shoulder? Just squint a little.

On Mondays, the Observatory is unfortunately closed. And so is the path to the telescope. We just happened to go on a Monday.

On the positive side, parking was plenty and people were sparse, unlike the weekend crowd. Seriously, don’t come on the weekend.

We were still able to peruse the outer rim of the Observatory and see the vast land of Los Angeles from such a high vantage point.

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