Checked In: Amelia Schoolhouse Inn

In the quaint town of Amelia Island, located on the coast of Florida bordering Georgia, is a schoolhouse transformed into an inn. Originally, the schoolhouse was the first school on the island, dating back to 1886. Once the school became outdated and outgrown, it was abandoned until 2017, when it was transformed into a cute inn!

We stayed at the Amelia Schoolhouse Inn for one night on our way from Florida back to D.C. amidst CoVid. Aside for a couple of issues where CoVid safety was concerned, the inn itself only a block away from downtown and was such a great little place to stay.

Customer Service:

Let me, first and foremost, say that Joseph and I are both very much on the side where wearing masks are essential to preventing the spread of CoVid. We wear them whenever we see friends and strangers alike, and get anxious whenever those around us don’t adhere to the same protocol.

With that said, when we met with the front desk personnel and she wasn’t wearing a mask, well, that was a signal for how the rest of the guests and the town of Amelia Island would be.

During any other day, as in, when there’s not an airborne pandemic around, I would have thought that the customer service was just what I expected from a quaint inn like this one. She and the other staff members were pleasant enough. Amelia Island only encourages people to wear masks and social distance, and businesses are able to choose whether to implement the mask mandate.

Needless to say, we were the only ones wearing masks, and it left us to feel like our room was the only safe place on the property.

The Classic Queen Room:

After turning the key in the keyhole, we entered our room and it was so cute! I absolutely loved all the school decor, like the world map, the globe, the No. 2 pencils, and mosaic table lamp. Everything was just so on-theme.

The room itself felt big, and this was primarily due to its high ceilings. The bed was gloriously comfortable, the AC unit worked as intended, and we had a great time staying in for night watching HGTV.

There is also a small retro-looking Galanz fridge available in the room, as well as a couple of water bottles and comfy robes.

As for the bathroom, there’s not much to say. It’s a clean and functioning bathroom, with the classic subway tiles in the shower and white paneling along the walls, similar to those in the main room.

Grab-n-Go Breakfast:

With CoVid, they changed from offering a continental breakfast to a Grab-n-Go breakfast. I found this funny considering their stance on not requiring masks, as in it seems like they’re picking and choosing what’s convenient for them in terms of CoVid precautions. In any case, there were light breakfast options bagels (sans cream cheese), orange juice, toast, cereal, etc.


The Principle’s Bar:

(above) I love the concept of their onsite bar and how they tied it to the schoolhouse! However, again, with their disregard for masks, we didn’t bother checking it out. But the decor is cute!

The Pool:

(left) The pool area seems fitting to the vibe of the school. It seems like a nice and quiet place to lie pool-side with a good book. What makes this little corner a beaut, however, is the moss-grown trees enveloping the sky.

The Lounge Area:

(below) In the courtyard, there is an outdoor seating area with several tables and lounge chairs, as well as a green putting spot. I can imagine this being a great area to kick back at night and enjoy the Southern evening air with a chilled drink in hand.

Final Say:

All in all, Amelia Schoolhouse Inn is a great little gem of an accommodation. It is charming in so many ways. I love that the owners found a way to restore something that once was, while keeping the essence of it for guests to relish in.

The only caveat is their stance with the CoVid guidelines makes me uncomfortable. Once the pandemic is under control, I will be sure to come back.


  1. January 15, 2021 / 2:53 am

    This is such a cute little place! Oh how I miss traveling! Love the photos! đź’•

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