Checked In: Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile

During our eight nights in Paris, we stayed in Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile and enjoyed every second of it. If you read through our blog, you’ll know we’re pretty big fans of Hyatt because they offer such great service (like the one in Cancun, Mexico or the one in Park City, Utah). This time around was no exception.

Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile is one of three Hyatts in Paris, along with Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme and Hyatt Paris Madelaine. It was so hard to choose which to pick! But ultimately, it came down to location. The original reason we went to Paris was to see a concert being held at Palaise des Congres in the 17th arrondissement. It just so happens that Hyatt Regenc Paris Etoile was the hotel attached to the concert hall!

The hotel room itself is very small at only 238sqft. Everything is compact and there is hardly any room to stretch your legs. If you look at the bathroom, there’s barely any counter space. But in the end, it was okay.  They really used up all the space they have efficiently. As tiny as the bathroom is, it had lit-up mirrors which I really appreciated for getting ready, a toilet with seat warmers and bidet, and a nice water flow.

On to the main room, again, small but functional. There was a convenient safe right by the side table, outlets with USB so you don’t need a plug converter, floor lights that lit up when it detects motion which makes middle of the night bathroom trips a lot easier, and a bed that we deemed very comfy.

The BEST part about staying at this skyscraper hotel is this view where you can literally see the whole city of Paris. Our first night in Paris, we had such a killer sunset, that we ended up coming back to the hotel room around 6pm every day just to sit by the window and gaze out towards the twinkling Eiffel Tower.

Aside from being attached to a concert hall, the building is also attached to the subway station which makes it SO convenient to get around Paris, as you get easy access to both RER and Metro.

HOWEVER, the biggest drawback to this hotel is that it’s currently undergoing renovations. Everything is being renovated, and that’s why the only photos you see here is our renovated room. There was no pretty lobby, or no pretty hallway, pool, or anything like that so don’t expect much. And if you stay in the room past 9am or something, you’ll start hearing construction.

Have you stayed in Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile? What was your impression of the hotel?

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