Eating Where the President Ate

DAY FOUR // Somewhere, I seriously thought I read or saw something that gave me the idea Georgetown was a quaint little neighborhood within Washington, D.C. This was not the case at all.

When Rachell and I went to Georgetown in an early morning, the place was hustling and bustling with cars in traffic, and with people in their shopping-fast-walk. Turns out, downtown Georgetown was not what I pictured at all. The streets were full of stores, mainly those you see in a mall, with pockets of other, more unique, shops.

Our first priority ended up to be to get in line and get a taste of the well-known Georgetown Cupcakes.

The line to get a Georgetown Cupcake went out the door. We waited outside for about forty minutes until we were ushered inside. I should have figured there would be a line. Would have brought reading material if I would have known, haha.

The inside was pink and packed. The aroma of the cupcakes filled the small storefront. I drooled looking at the glass case that divided us and the cupcakes, and actively pondered whether to get more than one cupcake. I mean, I did just spend forty minutes in line for a taste. In the end, the best option was just to get one and savor it as much as possible.

I forget what flavor I got. Most likely the Cherry Blossom, as I think it was limited edition. I remember thoroughly enjoying it, especially the frosting!

I didn’t realize they had opened up a Los Angeles location. Sweets aren’t really my thing (anymore) but perhaps I might be tempted to drive out of my way to the L.A. location one of these days..

Like I said, most of downtown Georgetown is filled with shops that you can mostly find other places. A few exceptions would be stores like Rent the Runway. But as you can see from the photo, the amount of traffic in this area is pretty ridiculous and parking seems to be hard to come by. Try taking public transportation if you can!

The hub of Georgetown is really close to this river. It was a nice stroll to have on a weekend afternoon. Plus, at the end of this river is a small park where many people just hang out and have picnics.

On our way back to the National Mall, we stopped by the Tidal Basin, as everyone kept saying this is where the Cherry Blossoms are really happening.

Well, there certainly are a ton of Cherry Blossom trees, but none of them were blooming. SO SAD!

I had to imagine the beauty of this place with the flowers blooming, especially in such beautiful weather. The tough part was admitting that we chose the wrong time to go to D.C., even if by a few days. It’s hard to really pinpoint when the blossoms will be blooming, and that’s what makes traveling to D.C. just to see them difficult. We had read the predicted dates, had followed the charts of previous years’ blooms, and attempted to guess when would be best to visit the city.

And we guessed wrong.

Mainly it was because this year, I guess they were slow to bloom due to the weather.

Oh well. At least it was a beautiful day.

After walking around the Tidal Basin in slight disappointment, we decided to head back.

But first, a stop at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

I offhandedly asked Itzel, Rachell’s friend who lives in D.C., if there were any restaurant spots that the President eats at. She mentioned Ben’s Chili Bowl. It was pretty close to where we were staying, too. As soon as I saw it, I noticed the vibrant, yet old, feeling of the place. I mean, you know this place has been around forever.

Oh hey, there’s President Obama in this flyer! And Bill Cosby! I feel kind of special! Haha.

I ordered their classic chili dog with a side of sour cream. YUM!

And with a belly full of deliciousness, we set off for our cozy AirBnB apartment.

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