Bucket List

You only get one life. What are some things that you want to accomplish in this one life that will leave you content when you’re on your deathbed? Sounds grim, to think that far ahead in the future, but in reality, time can pass by so quickly that if we’re not careful, that future will be present in the blink of an eye.

So far, here is my ever-growing list:

  1. Have a date with the Lady of Paris
  2. Jump out of an airplane in the sky
  3. Camp in the Amazon Rainforest
  4. Straddle along each side of the equator
  5. Smoke a cigar in a cafe in Cuba
  6. Earn my bachelor’s degree in Business
  7. Own a rental property
  8. Drive a Vespa around Rome
  9. Plant 1,000 trees
  10. Visit all 50 states (16/50 so far)
  11. Photograph polar bears in the wild
  12. Sleep under the stars in the Sahara
  13. Scuba dive the coast of Bali
  14. Dance in the streets of Barcelona
  15. Create color in India
  16. Make my way through Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine in Kyoto
  17. Hang glide in Rio de Janeiro
  18. Swim with the sharks
  19. Visit an active volcano
  20. Surf in Hawaii
  21. Fly a small aircraft
  22. Train martial arts with Shaolin Monks in China
  23. Ride a donkey up the streets of Greece
  24. Drink a cup of coffee in Vienna
  25. Travel to all seven continents
  26. See the aurora lights
  27. Visit Area 51
  28. Cross the Mississippi River
  29. Watch “The Nutcracker” in Moscow’s Bolshoi theater over Christmas
  30. Climb the steps of Machu Picchu
  31. Encounter an Orangutan in Borneo
  32. Get kissed by a giraffe
  33. Take a dip in the Dead Sea
  34. Make my way across Shibuya Crossing
  35. Drive up the coast of California’s PCH
  36. Walk like an Egyptian
  37. Explore Mars
  38. Take a dip in the thermal baths of Budapest