A Trip to Bryce Canyon National Park

On our fourth day in Utah, we took a 2-3 hour drive from Zion to Bryce Canyon National Park. The first thing to nice was the rapid change in weather. From having barely any snow on the ground level of Zion, we were met with heavy snow in Bryce.

The canyons themselves were completely different than those in Zion. Here, the canyon walls are thinner and much more maze-like than Zion’s. They were also more vibrant in color and different in texture.

What makes Bryce Canyon so unique was the formation of the rocks as the majority of the rocks create spires, and continue to change in formation as time progresses.

Since the grounds of Bryce Canyon was covered in snow, all of the trails were sadly closed. Yet, the view from above was spectacular enough.

Bryce Canyon was definitely something to see. Again, the perks of going in the wintertime was that there were not many people and the scenery was gorgeous. However, no outdoor activities can really be done (unless you’re a skiier!) and I would have loved to go to the ground level of this park.

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