Death Valley National Park- Great to Visit in the Winter

Our final stretch of this Utah holiday trip was to hit Death Valley on our back to Los Angeles. When Joseph first told me we’d be heading there, my first thought was … why……. o_O”

Death Valley is a national park in California, known to have record-breaking heat. At one point, I believe it even had the world-record for the hottest place on Earth. That scares me. I am a wimp when it comes to heat. But coming from Zion where the weather is pretty chilly, maybe Death Valley wouldn’t be so bad after all.

All of my doubts changed when we stepped foot in the Devil’s Golf Course.

Holy moly, was it a sight to behold. With the sun setting behind us, the salted rocky grounds looked so mesmerizing. And with the air so clear, we could see for miiiiiles. I seriously could have played hopscotch on those rocks all day long if we weren’t trying to sightsee most of the park before losing all the light.

Here, we visit the lowest land area in North America – Badwater Basin, where the surface level is below 282 sea level.

Seriously, so friggin gorgeous on a clear day. Thank goodness we came during the wintertime too. It was around 75 degrees F. when we were there which was perfect for me. I couldn’t imagine being here in the summertime!!!

The park itself is HUGE. You wouldn’t think so but it is. We foolishly passed off a gas station in the main town of Furnace Creek, thinking that since gas prices were ridiculously too high, we could survive off 4 clicks of gas to get out of the park. Big mistake. At 7pm at night, we nearly ran out of gas and THANKFUL that there was one on our way out, as we had only a few miles left. Of course, prices were even higher than in Furnace Creek… Sigh… But after this last station, we didn’t see one for a very long time.

Moral of the story – get gas anywhere you can when in unknown territory (this is a message to Joseph, btw! Haha)

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