Chinese New Year in Las Vegas, Pt. I

In our relationship, a lot of occasions are celebrated belatedly. This is usually because schedules don’t mix well, hotels don’t have availability, flights are cheaper at a different date, or what have you. When we tried to make a Valentine’s Day weekend in Las Vegas during the actual ‘holiday’, all the rooms at our preferred hotel was booked. So we settled for the weekend after, which happened to be during the Chinese New Year!

It was a strange feeling to be Asian and yet, not realize that it was Chinese New Year. But alas, I’m just bad at being Asian.

The weekend in Vegas, in my head, was going to be full of relaxation. We were going to stay in Caesar’s Palace and I would be either lounging by their amazing pools (yes, plural!) reading Jane Austen’s Emma or in the hotel room watching my guilty pleasures – Keeping up with the Kardashians and HGTV. I ended up not doing either.

The first stop we always make on our way to Las Vegas is Steak ‘n Shake in Victorville. It’s this burger joint similar to In ‘n Out that is rarely found in the west coast. SO delicious and so worth the stop! And when the nearest one is two hours away, any chance I can get to having one will definitely be taken.

We arrived in Las Vegas really late at night (1am) after driving 4.5 hours from Los Angeles, and immediately plopped into bed.

But when we finally did wake up, I saw that the city seemed to have welcomed the Chinese New Year with open arms as so many hotels adorned red lanterns and other Chinese New Year-appropriate items. It only makes sense since Asians are notorious for gambling!

Hotels have gotten clever! Instead of putting all of their snacks in the snack bar, they’re now putting it on display on the table, so you can stare at them and drool.

I loved being able to control the close and opening of the drapes with the simple touch of these switches by the bed.

And a television ON the mirror itself?! I want one! I had it on Fashion T.V. throughout the whole trip, hehe.

My first attempt at lounging by the pools was that Friday at 3pm. It was SO cold that hardly anyone was there. I tried to stay and brave the coldness, but couldn’t handle more than 5 minutes, and ended up heading back to the hotel room.

Such a shame though, since the pool was SO gorgeous!

The sun would NOT peak over that building in front of me, and only a handful of people got the sun. Everyone else just sat there shivering in their swimsuit, like Joseph.

With the ‘lounging by the pool’ plan being squatted like a bug, I moved on to another activity that enjoy while in Vegas – shopping! Or rather, window shopping, hehe.

We afterwards caught a show of the Chinese lions dancing in the hotel lobby as some of the hotel executives hand off red envelopes to them, which is a tradition for good fortune.

Soon to come – Part II of the Las Vegas weekend!

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