Walking Around the National Mall

DAY TWO // On the second day, Rachell and I wanted to cover as many monuments as we could. The nice thing about Washington, D.C. is that it’s actually a fairly small city (I’m comparing this to Los Angeles) and a lot of the important monuments and landmarks are clumped together in an area called the National Mall (close to the White House).

Thankfully, the AirBnB we were staying at was just a quick bus ride away from the main hub. Once we were close to the White House, we hopped off the bus and started roaming the National Mall.

Tip: wear comfy shoes! Although everything seems like they’re close together, each landmark is still pretty large and you will be walking a good amount.

The first stop we made was Lincoln Memorial. Looking out from the steps of the Lincolm Memorial is the Reflection Pool. But not this time. This time, it’s just concrete. I guess they remove the water during off-season.

Inside the Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln himself was larger than life. 

We walked through the Vietnam memorial, a wall of engraved names of all the fallen soldiers during the war against Vietnam.

Afterwards, we ended the day at The National Gallery of Art. Rachell and I ended up visiting numerous galleries during our trip, which was a nice change. If I were to go with Joseph, he would have been bored out of his mind, haha. This time around, we were able to take our time looking at wonderful pieces of art, fully appreciate them as best I could, and even take some of the free tours that the galleries gave.

This last sculpture scared me! D: There were a lot of wonderful and famous paintings hung on the walls of The National Gallery, and I am glad we were able to visit. The building was incredible and I absolutely loved the architecture (though, really, D.C.’s architecture in general is beautiful).

Our feet was so tired at the end of the day and it was only our second day. Oh my gosh. But it was an amazing day full of culture, and more to come!

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