Checked In: O’Casey’s Boutique Inn

Tucked away in a quaint residential neighborhood is a bed and breakfast called “O’Casey’s Boutique Inn“. I found this cute B&B on AirB&B when my friend Cara was still planning on joining me, and renting a room for two here was just slightly more expensive than going the hostel route for two people (seriously, $7 more). The location was also just 10 minute drive from the San Antonio River Walk.

The room is absolutely charming with a slight rustic feel. There are Texan decor hung around the room, a large poster of colorful Georgian doors, cute bed sets, and wonderful windows that bring in great light. I was placed on the first floor, and I could see through my windows various people wandering outside nearby my room, but they never saw inside. Even when I went outside, I couldn’t see in very well.

It’s been only a couple of hours since I checked in to my room, and I already love this place!

In true AirBnB form, I received a text from the inn-keeper about the procedures to get inside the house. I never met with her, but there in the foyer hung a few sets of keys, one of them with my name on it. I took my keys, wandered past the formal dining area and the lovely common room, to my room dubbed the “Dublin” room just next to the kitchen.

As I’m typing this, I’m sitting on their swinging daybed on the colonial-style porch, enjoying the quiet rain, the loud thunderstorms, the cool breeze to the slightly humid weather, the birds chirping amicably, and the view overlooking the idyllic houses across the street. If I hadn’t finished reading the two YA books I had brought for this trip already, this would be the perfect condition to have a bit of reading time.

The outdoor space is also oh-so-very-charming. Aside from the two porch swings (one of them a daybed), they provide lots of sitting areas including one under a pergola.

The inn also provides a lot of essentials like coffee and bathroom products, and even added little touches like Lindor chocolates, filtered water.

The only upsetting thing is that, although their website advertises itself as a Bed and Breakfast, I was immediately told by my host that there will be no breakfast. She didn’t say whether it’s because I used AirBnB or whether they just don’t offer it anymore. Well, at least they gave a couple of chocolate treats in the rooms!

If you are visiting San Antonio and want a charming place to stay, I highly recommend this inn!

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