Checked In: Secrets Puerto Los Cabos

In the past nine months, I’ve been to three different adults-only, all inclusive resorts in Mexico. The first two – Hyatt Zilara in Cancun and Secrets Maroma in Playa Del Carmen – were terrific properties. Needless to say, we were excited to once again relax and on an all-inclusive beach-front property, this time around in Secrets Puerto Los Cabos in Baja California, Mexico.


We were put in their lowest level room category – the Junior Suite Garden View – and it was the furthest building from the beach. The room was lovely and had a great layout. It had a king-sized bed, a small balcony, and is 560sqft.

The bathroom was well equipped with his and hers sinks, a hydro-tub, a shower with two shower head (one of them a rainfall one) and that looks out into the hotel room. I was very pleased that as part of the amenities, they included amending kit and SPF 15 because I always forget sunblock!

As usual with all-inclusive resorts, the room had a mini fridge that was stocked with some staple drinks like Coke, Sprite, and beer. Not as good of a selection as what we received at Secrets Maroma, but good enough.


There are eight eateries on the property that ranges from traditional Mexican, Italian, Asian, seafood, and grill. Although I enjoyed the food, some of the other travel agents didn’t. Joseph himself had a hard time to find items on the menu that didn’t contain onions, as he’s allergic to it. But when we told our waiters about his allergy, the chefs were kind enough to readjust a few of the meals to exclude onions.

As for the drinks, they were all delicious, haha. They have drinks of the day, which introduced me to Banana Colada, and it was so good!


Of course, the pool is where everyone congregates at. There are two pool hubs (not including the swim-out pools available at every building) at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos, and they couldn’t be more different. The large one is where everyone goes to, and therefore it’s more crowded and more rambunctious. The other is smaller but is an infinity pool that overlooks the ocean, and is a lot more quiet. I actually enjoyed hanging out in both pools depending on my mood.


If you’re a fan of California beaches, the beach on the property is very similar. Sadly, a few days prior to our arrival, the area was hit with some hard rain. The beach was filled with debris from the rain and guests were therefore not allowed on the beach.


Having experienced the exceptional service of Secrets Maroma, I was excited to be pampered by the customer service of Secrets Puerto Los Cabos. But that was not the case at all. There were times when I would be lying by the pool for a good chunk of time, and not one waiter walked by to offer any beverages. Or when I walked up to a quiet bar by the lobby (literally only one person sitting at the bar) and two of the three waiters were idly staring into space, and not one of them greeted me. Or when a group of us travel agents went to the sports bar excited to watch the USC vs Stanford football game, and even though there were a lot of us and we requested the game before anyone else made their requests, we were passed up for one person’s request AFTER ours, primarily because it took the staff member extra work to make it happen (not sure why). Or when another agent found a couple of beer bottle caps lying on her bathroom sink, and it wasn’t hers. Or when several of the agents’ air conditioner wasn’t working, and it took them DAYS to fix it during hot summer weather.

Alas, it’s because of these instances that our trip to Secrets Puerto Los Cabos wasn’t exceptional, but “just okay”. Maybe it was because of the tropical storm that just hit the area, and we just came at a bad time. Hopefully that’s the case.

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