Museum of Ice Cream

One of the most talked about event happening in Los Angeles is the pop-up Museum of Ice Cream, originally made in New York. It’s been such a popular event that tickets sold out so fast that, although it was only to be opened from April until May, it has been extended until October and tickets still have sold out. We were lucky enough to have a friend with industry tickets, and attended one Friday night.

We arrived in a warehouse area of the arts district, and immediately saw the baby pink, aka “millennial pink”, paint that completely covered a couple of the warehouse buildings being used for the Museum of Ice Cream. We were in line for about half an hour, were put into a group of 10 people, and finally had to “scream for ice cream” before being let in the building, haha. That was pretty fun.

First room you make it into is this super cute room that’s all pink with retro phones! Need I say more?! But pick one of those phone receivers up and you’ll hear an awesome audio.

Throughout the exhibit, you’ll get to taste some yummy treats, and those treats rotate by the day. On the day we were there, we were fed Dove chocolates, mint mochi ice cream from Trader Joes, churro soft serve ice cream, gummy bears, and some weird charcoal room-temperature cookie dough treat.

TIP: Eat as much as you want! The exhibit is also a lot smaller than we thought, and we made the mistake of not eating as much as possible. Before we knew it, the exhibit ended and we were still hungry.

My favorite room – the Banana room! It’s so colorful and so fun! And it sure makes for a cute insta-photo, hehe.

Our new album cover, haha.

Another awesome exhibit is the pool of Sprinkles! Don’t worry, it’s made out of a million plastic pieces, so they won’t melt on you. You only get a few minutes in it before getting kicked out, so make your childhood dreams come true and enjoy!

I always thought I was a mature person ready to tackle on #adulting. But one step into the Museum of Ice Cream and I wanted to be surrounded by bright colors, unique and fun art installations, and to indulge in all of the sweets until my body could handle no more. Whether you’re 4 or 40, this interactive museum will keep you certainly keep you entertained.

Although this museum is only in Los Angeles at the moment, the owners have plans to make it mobile to other major cities in the United States, and possibly globally. Keep an eye out of it to hit your city!

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