Napa & Sonoma

On our third day in North California, we headed to a few places. First, we quickly visited the Redwood Forest park, home of the tallest trees in the world, only to be faced with a Memorial Day parade in the small town. Every street we turned had a sign that said ‘detour’. And with the GPS going on the fritz with all the ‘re-routing’ and the tiny streets, we were stressed just getting there! And yet, as we got there, we couldn’t find parking so Joseph just got out to take some photos while I waited in the car, ready to move it in case anyone asked us to. Then, off to Wine Country we go!

A view of Castello di Amorosa

As we head to Napa, we were told the best winery to visit during our one-day stay was the Castello di Amorosa – or rather, the Castle of Love. It was a castle winery in the northern part of the Valley, that was built in the late 1900s, with various antique pieces (such as fireplaces) imported from ‘real’ castles and a mote!Here, we also opted to take a tour of the vineyard and the castle, along with a wine tasting.

With the tour group, atop the castle (dream come true)

Though we didn’t stay for long at all at Napa Valley, on such a gloomy day, it was the right amount of time to spend there. The tour around Castello di Amorosa was a lot of fun. Our tour guide was hilarious and showed us to all the various parts of the castle. At the end of the tour, we did our wine tasting. I had only done one other wine tasting, during a trip to Solvang / Santa Ynez, but this time, I discovered a new type of wine that is just divine! That is – sweet wine. Meant to be paired with deserts, sweet wine is just that: sweet!

Can you see my face all red and pulsated?

We went to eat A&W after the tour, as it’s such a rare restaurant to see, and I love their Root Beer Float <3

Other than wine tasting, there really isn’t much else to do in Napa Valley, unless you’re staying in a resort that offers other activities. I was already red in the face from the first one that more wine tasting was just not in the cards. Plus, we wanted to experience Napa properly, not get smashed in the face. Once the tour ended, it was nearly 8, and time to head to our hotel at American Canyon.

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