Photo Diary: Los Angeles Arboretum

LA is known as a city with SO many freeways, so many concrete roads, so many cars on the road and not enough greenery. But there are certainly pockets of space where gardens bloom. I’ve discussed previously of Huntington Library and Botanical, one of my all-time favorite garden spots in Los Angeles to “get away” from the city. This time, I explore the Los Angeles Arboretum, a garden in Arcadia where peacocks just love to roam around freely.

The Arboretum had different sections dedicated to different gardens, such as aquatic garden, herb garden, tropical garden, etc. My favorite was probably the rose garden as it just reminds me of a garden in the countryside of England.

We wandered around the whole garden and was able to cover the grounds within a couple of hours and it makes for such a nice afternoon stroll. There is also a large lawn near the entrance where many people just hang out afterwards and soak in that California sun. Occasionally, the Arboretum does special events out on that lawn, especially during the summer, as they do ‘Summer Night Concerts’. A few years ago, I attended one of these summer night concerts when the LA Philharmonics were performing, and it was truly a fun music filled night.

If you’re visiting Los Angeles and have some free time, consider wandering around this garden!

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