Last Days of New York

DAY SIX – TWELVE // On the last day that Anna was in New York with me, we walked around Central Park, visiting Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, and wandered over to where the rowboat rentals were (you know, the lake where Carrie Bradshaw fell into), only to find it CLOSED for the season! Oh, the woes we experienced when we found out!

I was honestly surprised to see the trees bare of leaves in the middle of April. Wasn’t it spring already?

I love that there are musicians just playing their tunes.

After finding the news about the rowboats, we wandered over to 5th Ave. and ran into Ladurée. I am not an avid macaron muncher so I honestly was oblivious to this brand. But Anna knew and I’m glad she forced me to go inside. The decor inside was so lovely, and the lady working was so nice and attentive. Anna and I went back and forth on whether we should share a box of six (we ended up getting our own), we went back and forth on whether to get a regular box or a gift box ($4 extra but feels so nice!). I mean, it must have been 20 minutes at least until we were really ready to order.

Outside, just as I was taking the photo above, an older lady was walking her dogs. She stops, says “Oh my gosh, I love those macarons. Great way to start a day!” and goes on her merry way.

Whoever said that New Yorkers were mean and rude, I did not experience it on this trip at all! (My previous New York trip, I did, though).

And afterwards, grabbing Mediterranean food from a food truck that was super delicious and just munching it down in front of Chanel. Feeling soo kewl.

Shortly after this little luxury outing, Anna headed off to the airport.

I became the only one left in New York.

A couple of days later, my mother and brother flew out and so began the third part of my trip.

My mom is someone who travels annually back to Indonesia but never anywhere else. She always tells me how she would love to go and see the world.. but after she retires. I desperately wanted her to go and explore a little bit of the United States before that happens, because you just never know. Really, when I was planning this trip, she was a big proponent of it all.

We ended staying at this really cool Holiday Inn in the Financial District. It’s the tallest Holiday Inn, with around 50 floors, and since we stayed on the 42nd floor, was able to overlook the Hudson River. Suffice to say, the sunrises and sunsets were gorgeous out of the hotel room window.


They stayed for 3 nights, and we did a lot of touristy things that I had just done with Rachell and Anna, so I won’t bore you with the same photos, haha.

What we did do differently was Chinatown. My mom was really looking forward to going to Manhattan’s Chinatown so one early morning, that was our priority. Let me just say, New York does Chinatown better than Los Angeles.

There was this hole-in-the-wall small restaurant that we ate breakfast in that I really wish I remembered the name to. Everything on their menu is affordable (less than 4) and they don’t skimp out. If you’re looking for a budget place, really, everywhere in Chinatown is a great place to go.

An interesting store I came across in Chinatown is Uniqulee. It’s this cool and fun hipster store in a sea of stores that sell knockoffs and cheap goods. The cashier that tended the store was super nice and told me that the lady who owns Uniqulee sells mainly vintage jewelry, among other things.

I asked her why this store exists in Chinatown, of all places. She told me that the owner grew up in Chinatown and wanted to add something different than the common cheap goods.

The items were curated so well in the store, I wanted to get everything.

And to end this trip to New York, we celebrated my brother’s 21 year birthday with a helicopter ride around Manhattan!

All of us were first-timers!

I absolutely adore New York. It offers so much and there’s always something to do, see or experience, and I hope I get to visit the Big Apple many times over in my lifetime.

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