Arriving in Manhattan

DAY ONE // Early Monday morning, Rachell and I headed out of Washington, D.C. by Amtrak train to Penn Station in New York. The train was full when we got on. When we had planned the trip, we knew we would be taking the train to New York, and one of the restrictions is that they only allow 2 carry-on bags! Since our trip was going to be 2-3 weeks long, and we are girls, keeping our luggage to this restriction was definitely difficult, haha. Let’s just say, a lot of repeat outfits happened that made blogging outfits a not-so-possible task.

Anyway, it was about a 3 hour train ride, or should I say nap ride. And a pleasant nap it was.

Our first stop in the Big Apple was our hotel – Park Lane Hotel – that was situated right across the street from Central Park, and a block away from Bergdorf Goodman! We dropped our bags off at the front desk, and since we were too early for check-in, we wandered around the area.

Rachell found this really neat underground food hall a few buildings away from Park Lane Hotel at The Plaza hotel. From there, there is an entrance to Todd English Food Hall in front of this hotel where a ton of food vendors ranging from lobster-centric to crepes-centric to dessert-bars. I was actually pretty overwhelmed with all the (expensive) choices and ended up settling down at an Asian-food-serving vendor because they offered something that was actually in my price range, haha.

Rachell’s bag on the left. Mine on the right.

Introducing my “affordable” meal! 8 pieces of delicious dumplings with rice for, I believe, $12! Yeah, I kind of cried at the price too.

A quick sit-down at Central Park to bask in the really nice weather, since all we got during Washington, D.C. was cloudy and windy weather.

I don’t remember who mentioned it, but someone said that Mister Softee’s ice creams were the bomb-diggity. Had to try it for myself when I spotted it, and ended up getting a root beer float. It was pretty good but hmm, can you call this the best? :s

Sorry to say, I did not get any shots of SoHo. What’s up with that?! I’m not really sure why I didn’t…

Well, we didn’t end up doing much except browsing the stores of SoHo. I loved the area. It was so young and hip, haha. So many stores I wanted to see but before we knew it, six or seven o’clock rolled around and all the stores closed up at that time. So bizarre!

In California, stores close up at eight or nine. Hardly anyone closes so early! And here I thought New York is the city that never sleeps!

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