A Stroll Around Downtown Park City

When I made my 2015 travel list, Park City & Ogden in Utah were not on there. A couple of weeks before the trip, Joseph tells me he is going to these cities for a few days with his dad for work-related reasons and invites me along since the plane ticket was SO cheap at $50 each way from LAX! Okay, how can I pass that up?!

I have only been to Utah once, and that was when I visited Zion and Bryce National Park. These parks are located closer to the Utah / Nevada border, so really, it wasn’t very far into the state. I knew nothing about Park City or Ogden, but anywhere can an adventure, can’t they?

Our plane landed at 9pm in Salt Lake City and we immediately crashed into a nearby Hyatt bed.

First thing in the morning, we headed forty minutes from Salt Lake City to Park City, where we will be staying a night at Hyatt Escala Lodge (a separate post on this hotel soon!). Then, we headed to downtown and see what’s around! I was not prepared for the cold, forgetting to bring thicker pants and gloves altogether, and Joseph and I ended up ducking into a store as soon as we got too cold, haha.

The houses in the neighborhood were so pretty! Each house is painted such beautifully pastel colors and the lawns were nicely manicured that I think adds a happy spirit to the area.

Many of the stores in downtown were filled with art galleries, expensive clothing boutiques (a few of them were filled with fur clothing, each with a price tag of $40,000! Yikes!), restaurants, souvenir stores, and other similar stores that usually fills a tourist town. Our special treat for braving the windy cold weather was to get some snacks from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, hehe. Can’t go wrong with that!

By the time we were done wandering around downtown, the sun had begun to set and we headed back to our hotel suite for the night, wanting to get out as much of the luxury room as possible.

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