An Afternoon in Carlsbad Flower Field

In high school and a little bit beyond, I lived in Oceanside which is only a few minutes away from the Carlsbad Flower Field. Passing it by on the freeway in the spring time, I’d always see the colorful flowers blooming in the distance and I always wished to go. Yet, it never happened.

It was only when I moved a hundred miles away that I finally made the effort to go.

Life is so funny like that.

The Carlsbad Flower Field is a field of 50 acres full of Ranunculus flowers with every colors of the rainbow. The entrance fee is $12 for adults, and it’s open from March 1st till the beginning of May each year. It’s also next to the Carlsbad Outlet center so you can go shopping afterwards!

There are little paths and walkways around the field for people to get a closer look at the flowers. I’ve heard stories of people walking past the designated pathways and into the field itself, but I hope you guys don’t do that! Let’s respect the flowers, people!

The flowers were beautiful and I’m glad I finally went! We went on a Saturday afternoon around 4:30pm and surprisingly, there were plenty of space to walk around

I don’t know if I would visit again though. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time, but I saw everything in the field after half an hour and there wasn’t really anything to do but to see the field and walk around it. But like I said, I am very happy with the visit! It’s not everywhere that you are greeted with rows upon rows of flowers for your eyes to feast upon.

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