Checked In: Hyatt Escala

I love staying at Hyatt hotels. They’re all so clean, modern, and overall just feels high-end without necessarily the price tag attached. During our one-night stay at Park City, we ended up staying in a suite at ski resort Hyatt Escala Lodge, and I have to say that this was the fanciest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. So sad it was only for one night!

I’ve yet to do a review on hotels on this blog. This is mainly due to us staying at chain hotels, which means there is so little difference between each hotel that it’s not worth posting. But if I stay at a place that stands out a certain way, I’ll definitely be writing up on it. Like this one!

Tucked away in an area full of ski resorts is where Hyatt Escala resides. We have a hunch that these ski resorts started popping up for the 2002 Winter Olympics, as they all have the same exterior feel of lodges and cabins, and the fact that they’re all so close to each other.

As we drive into the property of Escala, the first thing we notice is the lack of valet service, even though the hotel provides valet. We drove around the cul-de-sac looking for someone who could take our car, and ended up being totally confused by the whole thing. Finally, someone from valet came and helped us out but even throughout our stay, it was kind of a pain trying to get someone to valet the car.

But on to the hotel itself! I totally wish I could have taken more photos of the lobby. But you can probably tell already that it has a very mountain cabin / lodge feel by their strong use of dark wood. I love it! Makes me feel like I’m roughing it up when I’m totally not!

When we finally check in to our correct room, we were greeted with a double-door entrance way and this:

Holy moly, this living room can seat, like, ten people! And the high ceilings! And the electric fireplace! And the bar area!

The suite comes with a one bedroom and a one and a half bathroom. The bedroom is too comfy! With a view overlooking the snow-filled mountain, high vaulted ceilings, and an electric fireplace, I wished I lived there forever.

At the end of the night, I opted for a nice and relaxing bath in the huge jet tub. Aaaah, comfort at its best. After that, we tried to utilize the full kitchen as best as possible by purchasing frozen pizza at the grocery store and heating it up in the oven.

Because Joseph is a Hyatt Diamond member, we were treated with breakfast in their restaurant instead of a continental breakfast (if that particular hotel has one). I LOVE this. The breakfast is SO delicious!

There is so much food to choose from, all displayed in Cuisinart pots and skillets, and all the food were made so much more fresh than regular continental breakfasts I normally have.

The stay in Hyatt Escala was amazing for what it was. I have never stayed in such a big place, and I might be spoiled from now on, haha. There are so many things that I love about this room, including the easy switch-on/off electric fireplace, the convenience of more than one toilet, the kitchen that lets you store more perishable food, and just the grandness of the space.

The best thing about staying here is that it’s such a short walking distance to Sundial (less than five minutes), the hubbub of the ski and snowboarding area for tourists. Even then, Hyatt offers a shuttle car that will take you around the area (I’m not sure what the extent of this is, whether it’s just to Sundial or to a farther part of town like downtown).

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