Brief Walk through Hermosa Beach

When it comes to Los Angeles, I really don’t wander out to the west very much because it’s just so much work to do so. Traffic is normally heavy at the beach cities, it’s a long drive, and parking is not the easiest. But when I am asked to photograph a family portrait session out in that area, of course I make the journey over and I try to kill two birds with one stone by sticking around the area and doing some exploring that I would otherwise not have the energy to do. This is how I ended up on Hermosa Beach Pier earlier today.

The sun was gorgeously shining onto the shimmering blue-green water. The nice thing about Hermosa Beach is that it’s more of a local beach. I came in the middle of the day on a Saturday, yet was still able to find street parking a block away from the beach. And as you can tell from the image above, the beach itself is sprinkled just slightly with people relaxing on the sand. Move north a few miles towards Venice beach or Santa Monica beach, and the same cannot be said.

Because it was November, I thought I would come prepared with something more than a bathing suit. I went out onto the pier with denim pants and a fairly thick sweater. By the time I had reached the end of the pier, I was perspiring more than I would like to admit.

Seagull : “oooooh, those fishes that man is hold is smelling mighty delicious! I wonder if I can… just… tiptoe on … ooooover….”

I watched this lady from the pier for a few minutes to take a photo – I love the contrast of the red board against the seagreen ocean. I know nothing about body boarding, but are you supposed to get engulfed under the wave constantly?

I ended up only walking to the end of the pier and back, before heading out and grabbing some lunch at The Rockefeller Crafthouse. I had actually planned on staying longer, maybe sit out on the beach and continue rereading the fifth Harry Potter book. But my wardrobe selection kept me from resuming with this plan. Plus it was an hour’s drive home and I was starving. Honestly, walking by this restaurant, located just outside of the pier, caught my attention. Everyone sitting out on the porch seemed to have been having such a fun time – boisterously laughing about – that I felt drawn to eat here.

I ordered the Meat Frittata (didn’t know what Frittata meant until I got the dish – it’s an Italian omellete) with a side of country potatoes.


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