Bad Day Gone Good, Pt. III: A Surprise Boys II Men Concert

On the final leg of our day, my friend and I just wanted to sit and relax somewhere over a cup of coffee. This led us to the Glendale Galleria and the Americana mall, in hopes we can find a nice cafe somewhere.

Though we didn’t find a cafe, we ended up walking around Americana and was surprised to find a horde of people in line. We didn’t think anything of it and began window shopping. When we entered Barney’s New York, one of the associates asked if we were attending the concert.

“No. What concert?”

And so she explained. There is a free Boys II Men concert out on the lawn later that night!

At 6:30 I pestered my friend for us to find a good seat at a cafe / restaurant nearby. They weren’t accepting anyone else to enter the line. We ended up taking a spot at CrepeMaker, located just slightly behind the stage. I ordered a delicious strawberry and banana crepe to be able to sit at their booth, as I thought it had the best ‘free’ view, and this turned out to be the best thing to do.

As the concert started to begin, this crepe booth became super popular. People lined up for food just to get a photo of the stage because without being in line, they were shooed pretty quickly by the security. It was pretty crazy. I was super thankful for my seat in the end.

Boys II Men sounded amazing (though I couldn’t clearly hear them). They sang their own songs as well as various covers that included ‘American Woman’, haha. They performed for forty-five minutes or so and sang so passionately. I don’t know much about them as they were before my time (when I texted my fangirl of a sister, I kept referring to them as Boys Two Men) but I do remember a few of their songs. Plus, who could resist a free concert by a band with four Grammys and countless other accomplishments?

Halfway through the concert, I noticed a girl in fiery red hair order some crepes and then turn around and take a selfie with the band in the background. This caught my attention and I immediately recognized her face – Kandee Johnson! I’ve been watching her YouTube makeup videos for quite a while now, and meeting her was just the icing on the cake. She was as bubbly as in her videos, and was super nice about everything! Ah, I’ve never met a ‘celebrity’ in public before and this was such a cool surprise 🙂

And that was how my bad day turned into such a nice and memorable one.

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