LV Series 2 Exhibit

When it comes to exploring new places, I’m all for it. When it comes to discovering my own city (currently, it’s Los Angeles), I suck at it. I’m trying to get better, really, and I’m hoping to do a lot more blog posts with all the wonderful things the city of Angels has to offer.

Recently, Louis Vuitton was holding an exhibit to the public called LV Series 2 in which the company addressed it as “A presentation of the timeless inspirations behind a new collection.” Rachell of fashion blog Palette by Rachell (check her out if you haven’t; I do the photos for it!) invited me to go with her, and I was mesmerized by all the visuals that the exhibit offered. Read on to view the exhibit!

Immediately as you step through the doors, this imagery greets you: the famous Louis Vuitton logo in laser red as a series of the logos overlap each other.

Next, you’re walking down a past runway set of LV, with talking faces projected against the mirrored walls. This room was such an amazing room to walk through. Not only did it heighten my sense of vision with all of the gradual changes, but the mirrored walls and the many spotlights made it tough for me to progress onto the next room.

There was a movies room showing four different ‘movies’ of how the artisans of LV created each piece with such craftsmanship.

Oh, hello Rachell!

The White Room of Statues and Pretty Things. This room was such a stark different from the rest of the exhibit, where all the rooms were black and other shades of dark. Along with some of their purses, this room held some antique items like the trunk of Louis Vuitton’s wife and an old book that held the records of that year’s purchases made in the store.

Attendees were given two stickers of their choice. I picked the headphones and the restaurant take-out set (not pictured).

In the final room, we got to go ‘backstage’, which made me go ‘ooooh!’ and ‘aaaah!’ like a little fangirl, haha. I so wanted to run my fingers through the clothes but alas, the No-Touching rule applied.

I had so much fun going through the LV Series 2 exhibit and I WISH other fashion companies would do something similar in LA (I’m talking to you, CHANEL!)

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